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The RGE projects are developed in continuity with the projects that are currently ongoing within the participant groups. The RGE multidisciplinary approach allows the integration of goals of the groups involved in each single project. 

This is of particular importance for the development of a technology like electrospinning that is characterized by a broad versatility and requires multiple competencies unavailable in a single disciplinary field.

The creation of RGE allowed converging these competencies. Such a convergence brought along innovative ideas, integrated project methodologies, and cultural approach complementarities.

RGE aims also to be a concrete answer to the increasing industry demand for collaborations and technical support in the development of electrospinning technology and its applications.

The research and development active projects regards:



RGE is active in designing electrospinning of different polymeric materials engineered for specific applications





The investigation aims at implementing the process and devices for electrospinning apparatus. In particular:

  • Mechatronic and electric tools and components for laboratory scale electrospinning
  • Electrospinning equipments for pre-industrial pilot productions
  • Development of integrated technologies to fabricate porous materials
  • Electromagnetic modeling and optimization of the electrospinning process

Research in this task brought to filing a patent



Research within this task concerns fabrication of nano-microfibrous products, their characterization (physico-chemical, electrical, and mechanical properties) and their application in the following fields:

  • Biomedical (Tissue Engineering)
  • Composite Materials
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water filtration


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