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·         "Influence of the material and of its micro and nano-structure on differentiation and inflammatory response of adult mesenchimal stem cells" (2007-2009), Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research PRIN 2006.

·         "Electrospun nanostructured polymer scaffold for biomedical applications" (2007-2009), Strategic University Research Projects, University of Bologna.

·         "Cell therapy of heart failure" (2008-2010), supported by Regione Emilia Romagna – Researh Program: Regione-Università.

·         "In vitro engineered tissues for myocardial regenerative medicine" (2007-2009), supported by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna.

·         "New electrospun biomimetic material for wound healing and other applications in advanced wound care and material manufacturing process" (2008-2010), research contract with RIMOS Srl within a project cofinanced by Regione Emilia-Romagna.

·        NEFELE (Nano-Electrospun Filters for Efficent Liberation and Encapsulation of acticides for water treatment in transportatin applications) (2011-2013), FP7-SME EU project.



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  • S. Mukherjee, C. Gualandi, M.L. Focarete, R. Ravichandran, J.R. Venugopal, M. Raghunath, S. Ramakrishna, "Elastomeric electrospun scaffolds of poly(L-lactide-co-trimethylene carbonate) for myocardial tissue engineering", Journal of materials Science: Materials in Medicine, Volume 22 (2011), Page 1689.
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  • L. Foroni, G. Dirani, C. Gualandi, M.L. Focarete, G. Pasquinelli "Paraffin Embedding allows effective analysis of proliferation, survival and immunophenotyping of cells cultured on poly(L-lactic acid) electrospun nanofiber scaffolds," Tissue Engineering part C: Methods, Volume 16, Isuue 4 (2010), Page 751.
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  • C. Gualandi, M.L. Focarete, A. Zucchelli. M.L. Iabichella “Substrate of polymeric material and method of carrying out thereof” PCT Patent Application (filed on November 3, 2009) at No. PCT/SM2009/000009.
  • A. Zucchelli, M.L. Focarete, A. Chelli, L. Pignatti, R. Poletti, C. Gualandi "Composite counterelectrode made by a conductive substrate coated with a material with controlled electrical properties for electrospinning apparatus” Italian Patent Application RM2007A000304 (filed on June 2007)












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