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RGE can offer consultancy services, collaborative research and ‘ad-hoc’ solutions for the electrospinning technology sector.

In particular:

- RGE provides consultancy on optimization of electrospinning process parameters of new polymers.
- RGE is active in design and manufacturing of multifunctional nanofibrous materials and devices for specific applications, in particular in the following sectors:

  • biomedical field (textile materials for health care, artificial meshes for wounds, scaffolds for tissue engineering, matrices for controlled drug delivery, etc.)
  • textile field (technical textiles, impermeable transpirant textiles, functional and smart textiles, etc.)
  • filtration (micron and sub-micron particle separation, high efficiency filters, etc.)
  • composite materials (nanofiber reinforcement in composites, laminated composites with nanofiber-reinforced interfacial layer, etc.)

RGE is a reliable partner for electrospinning technology custom-design. In particular RGE can offer consultancy on:

  • mechatronic and electric devices and components for laboratory-scale prototypes
  • electrospinning apparatus for pre-industrial pilot productions.
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